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I was not aware . . .

That Vikings lead the series over the Cowboys 10-9. Source


One man’s quest to get off the Verizon mailing list

Off The List Episode 1 Off the List Episode 2: The Follow Up

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Couple makes burglar clean up at gunpoint

A burglar in Montgomery chose the wrong family to mess with, literally. Adrian and Tiffany McKinnon returned home on Tuesday after a week away to find that thieves had emptied almost everything the family of five owned, Tiffany McKinnon said. … Continue reading

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Born two years after father’s death

Kathleen Smith and her son Benton in Austin,Texas. Fifteen-month-old Benton is the spitting image of his father, a US soldier who died in Iraq two years before his son was born. Smith had her soldier-husband’s baby posthumously, using semen he … Continue reading

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Tired Dog

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Colonel Sanders in Japan


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25th Anniversary Special Edition of Thriller

Hoping to resuscitate his sputtering career, Michael Jackson is reportedly returning to a reliable source: his own 1982 album Thriller. According to reports, Jackson plans to spruce up the 25th anniversary addition of the album by adding four remixes of … Continue reading

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Office Collar

Office Collar has been designed in response to the open plan, working environment . The collars act as spatial isolators, narrowing the field of vision, therefore enabling their viewer to focus on the task in front of them. Link

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He’s got big arms



50 Fun Facts About Credit Cards

I was a little bored one day and thought I’d try to find fifty fun facts about credit cards that I didn’t know before hand and put them all in once place for you all to munch on and enjoy … Continue reading

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Ghost Cupcake

The ghost sheet on this cupcake was made out of something marshmallowy, and there was a bright green buttercream frosting underneath it as guts. Its head is held up by a gumdrop. Source

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Corpse mistaken for Halloween decoration

FREDERICA, Del. – The apparent suicide of a woman found hanging from a tree went unreported for hours because passers-by thought the body was a Halloween decoration, authorities said. The 42-year-old woman used rope to hang herself across the street … Continue reading

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