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Deep Fried Liberty

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Glass Toilets

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Abandoned Bicycles of New York

New York has a lot of abandoned bicycles. I don’t know why. Do people forget the combinations or keys to their locks? Do they forget they had a bike? Most of the bikes pictured here are pretty cheap bikes. Some … Continue reading

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WifeGeeding Portrait

A former WifeGeeding student was asked to paint a picture of someone that made her happy.  She painted this picture of WifeGeeding: Pretty impressive, better than what I could put together.


Wacko Jacko Mask

You’ll be one smooth criminal in this thriller of a mask. Full overhead latex mask with hair. Definitely not sold at the Neverland gift shop. Link


Dentist claims breast rubs appropriate

WOODLAND, Calif. – A dentist accused of fondling the breasts of 27 female patients is trying to keep his dental license by arguing that chest massages are an appropriate procedure in certain cases. Mark Anderson’s lawyer says dental journals discuss … Continue reading

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Fisherman lands record 844-pound shark

An 844-pound mako shark hangs from the scales at the Destin Fishing Rodeo in Destin, Fla.,Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007. The11-foot shark was hauled in by angler Adlee Bruner of Bruce, Fla and once gutted, it tipped the scales at 638 … Continue reading

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God-o-Meter: A scientific measure of God-talk in the elections

The God-o-Meter (pronounced Gah-DOM-meter) scientifically measures factors such as rate of God-talk, effectiveness—saying God wants a capital gains tax cut doesn’t guarantee a high rating—and other top-secret criteria. Click a candidate’s head to get his or her latest God-o-Meter reading … Continue reading

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Mario Princess

WifeGeeding asked me if the princess on Super Mario Bros had a name. This is what I found out: The Princess’ name is Princess Peach Toadstool. The first name is Peach and the last name is Toadstool. That is why … Continue reading

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