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This sentence caught my attention

Since (Jon Kitna) he signed a four-year, $11.5 million deal in March 2006, about 20 Lions have given their lives to Christ. Full Article

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Roy Williams, Pepsi, and Roundabouts

It surprises me to find Roy Williams on bottles of Diet Pepsi in the Boston and New Hampshire areas I’ve been visiting.  It was my assumption that he would only be on bottles in the DFW area. I was also surprised … Continue reading

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NFL Prognostication Week 5

My picks are in bold.  Cardinals at Rams Falcons at Titans Lions at Redskins Jets at Giants Jaguars at Chiefs Panthers at Saints Browns at Patriots Seahawks at Steelers Dolphins at Texans Buccaneers at Colts Chargers at Broncos Ravens at … Continue reading


Pushing Daisies

I watched this show the other night and I really liked it.  It’s going on the Tivo Season Pass. Here’s a nice write up. You can actually watch it for free here.

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Which ‘Hero’ are you?

I’ve never watched the show, but here’s my result: Link

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Welcome to the State Department’s first-ever blog, Dipnote. As a communicator for the Department, I have the opportunity to do my fair share of talking on a daily basis. With the launch of Dipnote, we are hoping to start a … Continue reading

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Need to spice up your sermon?

Looking for a short video to come along side your sermon? Sermonspice is here to offer you creative and inspiring choices to fit this need. Browse, search, and instantly download any video. Sermonspice.com was created to gather and distribute sermon … Continue reading

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Newest DFW Resort

Bearfire Resort, America’s first year-round outdoor ski and snowboard park is scheduled to open in the fall of 2009. The project is located within close proximity to the Dallas and Fort Worth area within easy access to the Dallas Fort … Continue reading

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Illustrated BMI Categories

Guess the BMI (Body Mass Index) and click the picture to see if you are correct. Link The woman in this picture is considered overweight.

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Handbags of Horror

While screening the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we casually noted Leatherface’s resemblance to a certain Fendi satchel and a light went off: Have designers, desperate for shock value, been turning to horror movie villains for inspiration? Further investigation bears out … Continue reading

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Boat-Shaped Bathtub


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Authorities To Return Amputated Leg To South Carolina Man

MAIDEN, N.C. — Authorities say a South Carolina man who mistakenly lost his amputated leg when it was sold in a barbecue smoker at a public auction will get the appendage back. John Wood had been battling to regain custody … Continue reading

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