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London start-up Ad-Air plans a landing strip campaign

With airlines turning seat backs, tray tables and even overhead bins into advertising platforms, looking out the window of an airplane has been one of the last ways to enjoy a marketing-free moment.It looks as if that, too, is about … Continue reading

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As of 9:33 PM

Link And I thought this map was kind of cool.

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Childrens do learn

During his first presidential campaign, Bush — who promised to be the “education president” — once asked: “Is our children learning?” On Wednesday, Bush seemed to answer his own question with the same kind of grammatical twist. “As yesterday’s positive … Continue reading


John P. Harvard goes Halo

And to think I saw this statue just a few weeks ago: To mark the Halo 3 release, MIT students gifted the John P. Harvard statue in Harvard Yard with a Spartan helmet (with “Master Chief in Training” written on … Continue reading

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I’m a little disappointed in you Mr Perot

Sotheby’s, which today is expected to announce plans to auction the Magna Carta in New York in mid-December, estimates that the document will sell for $20 million to $30 million. It is the only copy in the United States and … Continue reading

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I always wondered

What are the contingency plans for packages involved in a wreck? Article


Perhaps a ninja turtle was part of this?

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Nerf SpongeBob Football Stops Vessel for Sinking

It was a case of SpongeBob to the rescue in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The Clam Juice is back in dry dock and safe after an unusual rescue. The fishing vessel had sent an urgent message to the Coast Guard, reporting it … Continue reading

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So vein: Hand surgery removes tell-tale sign of ageing

When it comes to ageing, veiny hands are a telltale sign. Madonna and Angelina Jolie have both been photographed with prominent veins and now a growing number of women are putting their hands under the knife. Here, the first three … Continue reading

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Budweiser commercial that was only aired once

This commercial was aired one time after 9/1l, because they didn’t want to make any profits from the commercial itself. [Thanks, Chris!]

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Play It Safe Around Electricity

This news story reminded me of this commercial.

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Man Uses Newspaper Crossword Puzzle To ‘Pop The Question’

Boston Globe Aided Marriage Proposal BOSTON — Forget about candlelight, champagne and a bended knee. Don’t think about a public proposal at Fenway Park while the Red Sox play. They are both romantic in their own way, but not nearly … Continue reading

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