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The Edge’s finest guitar solo

Members of U2.com can vote on The Edge’s finest guitar solo.   The website came up with four tracks each from a different tour and each featuring a legendary Edge solo.  I some some YouTube searching and think I’ve found each … Continue reading

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Michael Vick’s Jury

[Thanks, Chris!]

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We watched this in church last night

It gets me everytime.  If you are the type that’s offended by curse words, then avoid reading reading the lips of Derek Redmond’s father.

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10 Movie Characters Every Guy Wants to Be Like

A list of ten movie characters (disregarding superheros, because they’d just dominate a list like this) that I think every guy wants to be like and admires in some way. Link

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Modern Day Cremation

I found the family viewing room and the ability for a family member to ‘push the start button’ quite interesting.

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Jessica Alba has the perfect wiggle, study says

Jessica Alba, the film actress, has the ultimate sexy strut, according to a team of Cambridge mathematicians. The academics found that it is the ratio between hips and waist that puts the sway into a woman’s walk – and the … Continue reading

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Elvis Drunk on Stage

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Run for your life

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Monkey’s Blood

While working on that stupid shed I fell off the ladder and scraped my arm.  The wound on my arm got me thinking about all the little cuts and scrapes I use to get as a kid.  The treatment of … Continue reading

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Tibetan Sky Burial

From Wikipedia: A human corpse is cut into small pieces and placed on a mountaintop, exposing it to the elements and animals – especially to birds of prey. One person blogged about witnessing such an event with a few pictures.

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Spam Art

Artist Nick Philip directs you to a row of garbage cans placed below twelve whirring fax machines at Tokyo’s Intercommunications Center. The domain nowhere.com, he explains, is often used as a return address by shady Internet spammers to disguise their … Continue reading

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Accepted Live Animals UPS Will Ship

This is a comprehensive list of live animals accepted for transportation.  Shippers are prohibited from shipping any animal not listed here, and all other live animals will not be accepted for transportation. The following live animals are accepted for transportation unless … Continue reading

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