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For my fellow Halo fans

Check out the Puma. The dudes at WETA made a Warthog. I don’t mean that they made a big plastic thing that looks like a Warthog. I mean they built a fully-functioning, four-wheel steering, powerful, off-road vehicle with a machine … Continue reading

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Bear Grylls in ‘fake’ scenes controversy

Dorset action man Bear Grylls has been accused of faking it in his Channel 4 adventure series Born Survivor, in which he is parachuted into some of the most inhospitable places on Earth with little more than a knife and … Continue reading


I’ve been addicted to the

BBQ baked potato as of late. The best so far is not from any BBQ joint in Texas, but from Jason’s Deli. The absolute worst . . . Baker’s Bros.  Their version of a BBQ baked potato is chopping up … Continue reading


Not what she use to be

Mindy McCready Country singer Mindy McCready has been charged with battery and resisting arrest in Florida, authorities said.  Article

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Wheelchair Skating (First Wheelchair Backflip)

Footage of Aaron Fotherinham doing some pretty sweet tricks in his wheelchair. He also performs the worlds first wheelchair backflip.

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Just about everything you wanted to know about the flag on the moon

The flag on the moon represents an important event in vexillological history. This paper examines the political and technical aspects of placing a flag on the moon, focusing on the first moon landing. During their historic extravehicular activity (EVA), the … Continue reading

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Bible Spoiler

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Texas League coach killed by line drive

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A minor league baseball coach died after being struck in the head by a line drive as he stood in the first-base coach’s box during a game, police said. Tulsa Drillers coach Mike Coolbaugh, 35, … Continue reading

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Safest Seat on a Plane: Popular Mechanics Investigates How to Survive a Crash

In short . . . sit in the back.  Link But it was this pic that caught my attention.

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Faith’s ban on tranfusions spurs ‘bloodless’ surgeries

Surgeons worked Thursday to save a 74-year-old Oakland man’s life — and abide by his religious conviction — as they performed emergency open-heart surgery without giving him a blood transfusion. As a Jehovah’s Witness, LeRoy Grant believes the Bible forbids … Continue reading

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’24’ to get female president

The United States will have a female president next year — on the Fox TV series “24.” Tony Award-winning actress Cherry Jones will play President Allison Taylor when the show about the exploits of counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) … Continue reading

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What happens to items seized at airports

Ripping open one of four waist-high cardboard boxes on a cargo bay here, Steve Ekin pulled out corkscrews, pocketknives and assorted hand tools before finding an electric impact drill as long as his arm. “You’d think people would know better,” … Continue reading

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