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Football Player Dies While Weightlifting

RICHMOND, Texas — A teenager was killed in a freak accident while lifting weights, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department announced Monday. Deputies said Cameron Michael Shaub, 16, was lifting weights alone at his home when a 240-pound barbell fell … Continue reading

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Miss Texas Crowned Last Night

Article  Bio Page Thoughts: I prefer brunettes. She won’t win Miss USA unless all the other states don’t have much to offer.  Hopefully she’s not a reader of this blog, which I highly doubt anyways. Her teeth look a little … Continue reading


Human Tetris


“Colors of Faith” Rubber Duckies

Colors Of Faith” Rubber Duckies. Keep the hope alive with these vinyl rubber duckies! Each vivid color represents an important aspect of worship and faith. An inspirational Sunday School gift! Each ducky comes with an information card. Link

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Test Your Music IQ

Take the USA Today quiz here.

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The words of God are made flesh

How do you find a voice for God — one that conveys command and compassion, law and love, and never reminds you of someone pitching phone books or playing some unsavory character on screen? Last year the company producing The … Continue reading

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THE APOLLO MISSIONS – The first and last man on the moon

Experience the moon just as the astronauts did – almost as you were there. View interactive QuickTime VR Panoramas in full-screen from the 6 Apollo Missions who landed on moon. The links to the panoramas opens in a new fullscreen … Continue reading

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2007 Celebrity Smile Awards

5,000 female celebrity smiles reviewed. Only 10 chosen. Take a look at our winners for the 2007 Celebrity Smile Awards Link This is Kate Beckinsale coming in at #6.


The Superhero Parables

“Parable” = a story with a spiritual point. For the last few years, one of the biggest entertainment crazes in Hollywood has been the stories of the superheroes. Where did they come from? How did they get their powers? What … Continue reading

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Keanu Reeves Corn Flakes Commercial

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Wrecking Ball Runs Amok In Pa. Town

A wrecking ball wreaked havoc on a small college town in northwest Pennsylvania on Monday. The 1,500-pound, 3-foot-wide ball broke loose from a crane cable and rolled nearly a mile downhill. It smashed more than a dozen vehicles and injured … Continue reading

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Ride ’em

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