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Oregon man takes lawn chair up to 13,000 feet, travels 193 miles

Last weekend, Bend gas station owner Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some drinks and snacks – and a parachute. Attached to the lawn chair were 105 balloons of various colors, each 4 feet around. Bundled together, … Continue reading

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Adult Star Uses Classmates Name

A Houston-area woman filed a lawsuit against a porn star, claiming she stole her name, KPRC Local 2 reported Sunday. Lara Madden, 25, is an actress in the pornography industry. She is a former Houstonian who has appeared in about … Continue reading

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Prettiest Priest I’ve Ever Seen

Joanna Jepson is an Anglican Priest from the Church of England appointed to the London College of Fashion. Faith and fashion is an interesting mix. Read about her licensing here. Read an article about her here.


His Essence

His Essence is a South Dakota company inspired by Psalm 45:8 – “All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia…” The Bible verse refers to the garments of the Messiah when He returns. We carefully combine these … Continue reading

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Residents of Oregon town say shape of traffic posts is offensive

KEIZER, Ore. – The City of Keizer is taking heat for installing a group of cement posts designed to protect pedestrians from cars, but which some say is a phallic symbol. A total of 52 of the posts were installed … Continue reading


Made me laugh


Active U.S. Hate Groups in 2006

Here’s the Texas link and here’s the national map where you can find your state.  Both links report that these hate groups wear crocks.  OK, I made that last part up.

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One Strong Dog

People mistake her for a pitbull with a pinhead, but Wendy the whippet is one rare breed. So rare that the Central Saanich dog recently graced the New York Times. She also had several of her photos shown on The … Continue reading

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For the youth minister that wants to connect movies and the Bible

Here’s a nice little resource for you.  Each link will open a Word file that will help you relate the Gospel to such movies as The Fantastic 4, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, King Kong, Napoleon Dynamite, and … Continue reading

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He’s Played Jesus Longer Than Jesus Lived On Earth

Anyone in the theatre can tell you about the extraordinary lengths some actors will go to put themselves into the lives of the characters they play. Imagine playing the role of Jesus — and not just for a week, or … Continue reading

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Math Emergency

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He changed his middle name to Megatron

It’s official. My name has been changed from Jason Michael Burrows to Jason Megatron Burrows, effective today. Here’s the story of my trip to the courthouse: The Judge came in about 15 minutes late & apologized, then said that she’d … Continue reading

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