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Amazing and Graphic Blog From Iraq

Telling soldiers’ stories from the frontlines is dangerous work that few do as well as Michael Yon. Risking combat injury, intense heat, sand and dust storms, and jarring explosions: the cost is crushing. Most major news organizations can’t afford to … Continue reading

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Europeans see U.S. as threat to peace

A survey carried out in June by Harris Research for the Financial Times shows that 32 per cent of respondents in five European countries regard the US as a bigger threat than any other state. The level of European concern … Continue reading

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Is it possible for a man to cut a hole into a 3×5″ card and crawl through it?

Find out here.



BAREFOOTING (bare·foot·n) n. 1. The exhilarating joy of going barefoot without leaving yourself exposed; 2. any activity requiring unconventional footwear offering the protection of a thin, flexible Vibram skin; 3. an intelligent way to deepen your connection with your natural … Continue reading


Marvel Comics Ani-Movie

I wonder if I would have really liked this as a kid, or would I have grown impatient with it. Link The Marvel Ani-Movie Studio is an animation and movie studio that gives kids of all ages the ability to … Continue reading

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Vote for the Best Restroom of 2007

Here are the five finalists: 1.  Catch 31, Virginia Beach, VA 2.  Fandangles’ , Flushing, MI 3.  Jungle Jim’s International Market, Fairfield, OH 4.  Mix Lounge at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV 5.  Vermont Marble Museum, Proctor, VT Link

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Southern Baptists in California create competing state convention

Southern Baptists in California have started a new alternative state convention that will compete with the 67-year-old California Southern Baptist Convention for denominational loyalty.California is the fourth state to witness such a move, joining Texas, Missouri and Virginia. In those … Continue reading

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Panda Prison Break

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Not only is he drinking again

But he forgot how to pour a beer. And in case anyone is wondering, I have absolutely no problem with him drinking.  However, when he was campaigning I remember how proud a lot of the conservative folk down here were … Continue reading


Another fake celebrity blog

The Fake Steve Jobs has a blog.  Somewhat entertaining, but I need to warn you there is a bit of a language warning.  Heck, you gotta appreciate the URL http://iamnotstevejobs.blogspot.com/ I found the Bono entry kinda funny.

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To all my readers up north

Happy Canada Day!


25 Reasons Why I Am No Longer A Christian

No, not me – but a person named Craig Lee Duckett. Link Prior to earning degrees in Humanities (e.g., Philosophy, Literature, History), I attended Northwest University to prepare for a career as a pastoral minister. I studied biblical exegesis, hermeneutics, … Continue reading

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