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Jimmy Kimmel Live Spelling Bee 2007

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Update on the Wheelchair and Semi

This site actually has the 911 calls.  It’s amazing this guy came out of this A.O.K. I think my friend Bone would appreciate that the guy is wearing a Dr Pepper shirt.

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Lost + Growing Pains

And to think I mentioned this song in a post not too long ago.

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Ron Paul continues to be interesting

The Ron Paul Phenomenon?


Anything Whatever

A drink that could be one of many. Anything: Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon, Root Beer Whatever: Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea. Navigating the website makes … Continue reading

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Half-n-Half Post Office

The border between Texas and Arkansas runs along the yellow center line of State Line Avenue in Texarkana. For reasons of civic unity (and since Texarkana is the Incredible Two-Headed Transplant of town names), the city’s Federal Building/Courthouse/Post Office was … Continue reading

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Outside My Office Building

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Sometimes I feel like I need to wear this shirt

If you don’t feel my pain, maybe this WSJ article will enlighten you.


This story reminds me of the Naked Gun 2 1/2 bus scene with OJ

Man in wheelchair caught in truck’s grille PAW PAW, Mich. — A man was taken on a wild ride when his wheelchair became lodged in the grille of a semitrailer and was accidentally pushed down a highway for four miles … Continue reading

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This Old School Video Is Dedicated to Cajun Pastor

Too bad only about 3 people get this joke.

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Brits Drop 850,000 Phones Down the Toilet – Each Year

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to fish your mobile out of the toilet, you’re not alone. A staggering 855,000 handsets are flushed away every year in the UK – that’s roughly £342 million we’re ‘loo’sing. Research by SimplySwitch, the … Continue reading

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Logger forced to amputate own leg

IOWA HILL, Calif. — Alone in the woods with his left leg pinned beneath a fallen tree for 11 hours, a 66-year-old man used pocket knives to cut off his limb below the knee to free himself, a neighbor and … Continue reading

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