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I Don’t Think The School Sponsored This Field Trip

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This would have made a great logo

More alternatives here.


Paid Time Off From Work Around The World

Finns enjoy more paid statutory holiday every year than anyone else in the rich world, getting an average of 44 days off in which to relax (including annual leave and public holidays). Most European countries allow more than the EU … Continue reading

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Green light for re-using old graves

Councils will be allowed to exhume bodies and re-use graves because of a shortage of cemetery space, ministers have said. Officials will normally be able to re-use burial plots which are more than 100 years old after seeking permission from … Continue reading

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Manhattan man sues over unwanted Boost

A man has sued the maker of the health drink Boost Plus, claiming the vitamin-enriched beverage gave him an erection that would not subside and caused him to be hospitalized. The lawsuit filed by Christopher Woods, of Manhattan, said he … Continue reading


What Cars Do Famous Geeks Drive?

We know that geek cars are all loaded with the latest technological marvels – which are really what is supposed to turn the true geek on. So which cars do geeks prefer? Maybe the luxury car Mercedes-Benz 2007 S-Class sedan … Continue reading

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The Top 100 Hottest Women – Lesbian Version

Let’s face it: Maxim doesn’t cater to lesbians. In fact, you could say it flies in the face of all that we hold dear, especially when it declares Lindsay Lohan the hottest of them all, as it did when it … Continue reading


Another Way To See The World

This south-at-the-top map is a great educational tool.  It challenges basic notions of “up” and “down.”  Trure “up” from our standpoint on the earth, is awy from the center, and the earth in space has no inherent up or down. … Continue reading

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Landeez Beach Wheelchair

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Graying duo keep passenger in check

Shortly before landing, Bob Hayden and a flight attendant had agreed on a signal: When she waved the plastic handcuffs, he would discreetly leave his seat and restrain an unruly passenger who had frightened some of the 150 people on … Continue reading

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Russell Hobbs Mini Oven

The Russell Hobbs 13824 Mini Kitchen is a multi-function electric compact cooker, with hotplates for grilling, roasting, baking, frying and boiling. The fan-assisted oven has a good size 26L capacity, and is thermostatically controlled. There are 2 hotplates on top … Continue reading

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Lost In Space Robot Replicas

Only $24,500

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