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Momma not so smart

Let ARE kids walk? Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess.  It’s all about the TAKS test.  If graduating seniors don’t pass it, some schools don’t allow them to walk for graduation. Article


Yet another way to use a Segway

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This puts in pespective the size of a polar bear


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Radio station refuses ads about female pastor

Mars Hill, a local Christian radio network, won’t accept paid advertising for an upcoming Christian crusade in Syracuse because a female pastor is participating. “We can’t comfortably promote women in the role of pastor,” said Wayne Taylor, the general manager. … Continue reading

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Bible billboard riddles

Seven giant scratchcards have been put on billboards in Bolton and elsewhere in Greater Manchester to get the Bible message across. People are being asked to find the missing word from a headline featuring a biblical story in The Riddle … Continue reading

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For the lazy gambler

You can now rent a mobile scooter in Vegas for $40 a day – no health questions asked. Link

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Tracking How Far Soccer Players Run

I don’t watch soccer, so I was not aware of this: During this year’s broadcasts of the premier European soccer club championship, TV viewers around the world have encountered a mysterious new number: the total distance, in meters, run by … Continue reading

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All you can eat Dodger Dogs

That’s how it goes in the new all-you-can-eat seats way out in right field at Dodger Stadium, where fans wolf down as many Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn and soda as their bellies allow for one price. Link

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Women In Art

500 years of women in art morphing from one to another.


Dick’s the Man

Someone is a big fan of the current vice president. www.ilovedickcheney.blogspot.com

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Stealth big-rig patrol

Involved in some of the most notorious and fiery wrecks, these 18-wheel hulks of machinery dominate the roads, frightening drivers who don’t want to be flattened. But law enforcement isn’t ready to fit large trucks with a black hat. Police … Continue reading

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Dowl Art

This piece was meticulously constructed over the course of five months.  It is comprised of 2788 hand cut, sanded, and painted dowels that when put together form a modern interpretation of a painting by artist Roy Lichtenstein entitled, “m-maybe.”  It … Continue reading

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