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Mrs. Gretzky Not What She Use To Be

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I’m Sure It’s Not What He Imagined

May 16, 2007 — GIANTS defensive end Michael Strahan put himself on the charity auction block the other night at Buddha Bar’s first anniversary. He hoped to get a date with a lady, but the male sports fans in the … Continue reading

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Snow Skiing in Fort Worth

As I was skimming through the Wall Street Journal while warming up my Weight Watchers Chicken Fettucini, I noticed the front page had a feature on the Fort Worth ski resort. It’s a pretty interesting read if you can find … Continue reading


In case you ever needed a money bag

Money not included. Link

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I was not aware

That xylitol (a sugar substitute) is harmful to dogs. Link

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New York’s deadliest terror attack before 9/11

A bomb consisting of one hundred pounds of dynamite packed with five hundred pounds of cast-iron slugs violently vomited red-hot shrapnel and destruction in every direction. A number of passers-by were instantly vaporized by the extreme heat and pressure. The … Continue reading

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$50M gift comes with a catch

T. Boone Pickens, the legendary oilman and Dallas billionaire, has an unusual offer that the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center isn’t refusing. Mr. Pickens is giving the Dallas campus $50 million today, with a hefty catch: Over the next … Continue reading


Authorized Military Headstone Symbols

More here.

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The YMCA Of Horseracing

The sport section of the 25th March, 2007 edition of the Sunday Herald Sun contained photos from the previous day’s racing at Caulfield. The photos show the horses in each race at the 400m mark and at the finish line. … Continue reading

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Lost Season Finale Spoiler

It’s posted just about everywhere else, so I might as well join the club. If you are interested, it’s posted after the jump.

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A Place Between us

Need to find a meeting place between you and a friend? Enter two addresses and the type of place you want to meet (it defaults to coffee). After your search, try dragging the green marker to refine the results. Link

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Game hat

Buy one here.

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