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Man Sentenced For Impregnating 10-Year-Old

ABBEVILLE, S.C. — An Abbeville man pleaded guilty Tuesday to raping and impregnating a girl when she was 9 years old. In January 2006, William Edward Ronca, who was 26 at the time, pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct with … Continue reading

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Chicago Man Exonerated; Becomes 200th Exoneree Nationwide

Jerry Miller was exonerated yesterday in Chicago after serving 24 years in prison. He becomes the 200th person to be exonerated by DNA evidence. To recognize this landmark, the Innocence Project launched a month-long national campaign to prevent this injustice … Continue reading

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Evel is Saved

On Palm Sunday, hundreds responded to Robert “Evel” Knievel’s testimony by asking to be baptized on the spot at Crystal Cathedral. Speaking alongside the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, Knievel told the congregation in Orange County, California, how he had refused … Continue reading

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The Childrod

Friends, The state of Discipline of Children in the Western World is in CRISIS! We all see it every time we go to a restaurant, ride a plane, or go into a convenience store: Young people totally out of Control! … Continue reading


Georgia School Holds First Integrated Prom. White And Black Students Held Separate Proms Until This Year

For the first time, the faces of students at the Turner County High School prom were both white and black. Each year, in spite of integration, the school’s white students had raised money for their own unofficial prom and black … Continue reading

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Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton and Religious Liberty

Rev. Carolyn Staley, Minister of Education at Pulaski Heights Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, has written a reflection about a conversation that Bill Clinton had with Boris Yeltsin that encouraged Yeltsin to respect religious liberty and freedom of conscience … Continue reading

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Study: Religion is Good for Kids

Kids with religious parents are better behaved and adjusted than other children, according to a new study that is the first to look at the effects of religion on young child development. The conflict that arises when parents regularly argue … Continue reading

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Research Shows My Parents Gave Me A Lot of Time and Money

Parents who are of different races, such as a white father and an Asian-American mother, spend more time and money on their kids than parents who are both of the same race, new research shows. Full Article


Veteran presents Purple Heart to President Bush

Bill and Georgia Thomas reported they were elated Monday when they met in the Oval Office with President George W. Bush to present him with a Purple Heart. The couple was able to meet with President Bush for about 20 … Continue reading

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Skybus – New Zero-Frills Airline With $10 Tickets

Skybus is a new airline launched today boasting $10 tickets, but you get what you pay for. Taxes and fees apply: add on about another $10 per leg. Limited amount of $10 seats. Others may be $25, $50, or $75. … Continue reading

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A Look at Bonds and McGwire Baseball Cards

We took a look at their baseball cards from 1987 through 2002 and commented along the way. Which one was more subtle? Who seemed to magically transform from mild-mannered David Banner to the Incredible Hulk? Which one has cooler hair? … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert Going Through Tough Times

So what happened? In his article I Ain’t A Pretty Boy No More he states: What happened was, cancer of the salivary gland spread to my right lower jaw. A segment of the mandible was removed. Two operations to replace … Continue reading

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