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Latest Billy Graham Interview

In an e-mail interview with Faith + Values reporter Pamela Miller, the Rev. Billy Graham, 88, talked about his declining health, his final resting place, his vision of heaven, the war in Iraq and currents in the evangelical world. Link


Friendly Aggie/Longhorn Rivalry in Iraq

I stumbled upon this old post from a soldier that was serving in Iraq at the time.  It was posted back in May 2005 – sometimes it’s hard to believe how long we’ve been there and how time passes by. … Continue reading

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Americans’ Views of the Mormon Religion

PRINCETON, NJ — Something about the Mormon religion apparently disturbs a significant portion of the American population. A quarter of Americans in a recent Gallup Poll said they would not vote for an otherwise well-qualified presidential candidate who is a … Continue reading

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Beware of Falling Cows

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Holy Slip and Fall

Chicago archbishop slips on holy water, hurts hip CHICAGO — The archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George, was hospitalized with a slight hip fracture Saturday morning after he apparently slipped and fell inside a church while blessing Easter baskets, archdiocese … Continue reading

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If you are interested in the 2007 Masters winner’s faith

Then this article about Zach Johnson may be of interest to you. Link

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Estimate the Size of your Vocabulary

This essentially statistical tool estimates the size of your vocabulary. It is a rough guide only, the original source being a database of ~150 000 words. Since the sample here is only 100 words, results are effectively to the nearest … Continue reading

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Should a church accept sex offenders?

CARLSBAD, Calif. — On a marquee outside and on a banner inside, Pilgrim United Church of Christ proclaims, “All are welcome.” Sustained by the belief that embracing all comers is a living example of Christ’s love, Pilgrim now faces a … Continue reading

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Swing Dance — Belt Flip

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A car that changes from pink to white as it drives by? The latest developments in manufacturing make all sorts of hues possible.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — As I drove north on the New Jersey Turnpike recently, a Mary Kay cosmetics saleswoman in a Cadillac DTS passed me on the right, her big car’s paint job hitting me like a punch in the … Continue reading

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Duck and Dog

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Man accused of trying to take whale’s teeth

SANTA BARBARA — Federal agents are investigating reports that a college student tried to illegally hammer off the teeth of a rare sperm whale that washed ashore dead Sunday on a beach in Isla Vista near UC Santa Barbara. Full … Continue reading