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Happy Easter


Good Heart or Movie Promotion Stunt?

TOBACCOVILLE, North Carolina (AP) — A group of kids on spring break thought setting up a lemonade stand near George Clooney’s movie set might be a good business move. They were right. The star paid $20 for his lemonade, which … Continue reading

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A mansion with wings

Take one Middle Eastern dignitary – add an Airbus A380 and a $150 million interior design budget – and you get a magic carpet ride. Designer Edése Doret is charged with customizing the jet’s 6,640 square-foot cabin, and gave us … Continue reading

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Skunk park prank

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Interesting Picture

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3 Seater Scooter

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Tortilla Art

Los Angeles artist Joe Bravo stands in front of two of his tortilla paintings being exhibited at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Los Angeles March 29, 2007. Bravo first started the acrylic paintings on tortillas when he was in college … Continue reading

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Toons At War

Exploring the history of the Disney Studio during WWII. Link

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Ipod Saves Soldier’s Life



TV Homes Floor Plans

About ten to choose from ranging from The Jestsons to Dr Frazier Crane. Link

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Weird local news

A naked woman dived in front of a moving car near downtown Plano on Tuesday night before stabbing a passenger who got out of the car to help her, police said. The woman, Lashunda Jean Richardson of Dallas, was not … Continue reading


Springy Bed

Made from recycled materials including car suspension springs, this bed is such a pleasure to sleep on, you will never be able to get off. This is a truly contemporary, comfortable bed for the environmentally conscious consumer. Mattress not included. … Continue reading

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