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When Love Comes to Town: A U2 Easter

Quest Community Church in Lexington, KY looked at the Easter story through the lens of U2’s music.  There are a total of four sermons. Link (Thanks, Paul!)

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A Candidate, His Minister and the Search for Faith

CHICAGO — Members of Trinity United Church of Christ squeezed into a downtown hotel ballroom in early March to celebrate the long service of their pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. One congregant stood out amid the flowers and … Continue reading

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If You Want to Know if Spot Loves You So, It’s in His Tail

Every dog lover knows how a pooch expresses its feelings. Ears close to the head, tense posture, and tail straight out from the body means “don’t mess with me.” Ears perked up, wriggly body and vigorously wagging tail means “I … Continue reading

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WWII Propaganda Poster

Created not to save gas, but to save rubber which was in short supply.

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Airbus A380 evacuation – 873 people in 77 seconds


The Onion Solves The Home Run Record Dilemma

MLB Credits Hank Aaron With 50 Lost Home Runs MILWAUKEE—In what Major League Baseball officials are calling a “long overdue correction of a gross oversight,” Commissioner Bud Selig announced Tuesday the discovery that Hall of Famer Hank Aaron had in … Continue reading

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Suck Some Snot

Nosefrida is a doctor recommended nasal aspirator that removes mucous from your child’s nose. It was invented in Sweden by Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, and has been used by Swedish Moms and Dads for years. When your child has … Continue reading


The Sea Organ

The Sea Organ (morske orgulje) is located on the shores of Zadar, Croatia, and is the world’s first pipe organ that is played by the sea. Simple and elegant steps, carved in white stone, were built on the quayside. Underneath, … Continue reading

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Tempting Video of the Day

This scuba diver was feeding a Giant Moray Eel sausages when the Moray mistook his thumb for a sausage, and bit it off and ate it.  Has original sound so you can hear him scream, and a loud popping sound when … Continue reading

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Interesting New Blog

Just One Word one word opinions. no word to be used more than once. simple. click on pics for links.

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Pet Peeves – Everybody Has At Least One

Now you can complain about anything, and someone will actually listen. So far they have 117,342 Pet Peeves and counting in many different categories. Link

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TV Links – Better Than A Remote Control

Talk about the ultimate timewaster. Did you miss the latest episode of Lost, The Office, or Grey’s Anatomy? Or would you rather just watch an episode of an old favorite such as Arrested Development, Chapelle’s Show, Buck Rogers, Curb Your … Continue reading