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Skidboot died on Sunday

I posted about Skidboot back in October with this video.

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Tempting Pics of the Day

World’s fattest man in Mexico.

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In case you didn’t already know

Marijuana is not kosher for Passover. Link

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Weird Stuff In A Microwave

This would be a Nerf football. Link

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Pillow Book


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Doh! 7-Eleven Gets Homered

Though the deal hasn’t officially closed, it looks like 7-Eleven may be acquired by Kwik-E-Mart…sorta. In order to promote the upcoming “The Simpsons Movie,” c-store giant 7-Eleven is in talks to refit 11 of their stores across the country to … Continue reading

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Rachael Ray Email

Hey Geeding – Since you find Rachael Ray extremely annoying, I thought this link (video) would drive you nuts. Bryan


I was not aware

That you can order Rocky Mountain oysters at Coors Field. Link Nothing like baseball and and deep-fried . . . . .

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