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Woman mistaken for homeless, booted from Starbucks

Thwarted in her attempt to enjoy a cup of a coffee at her favorite spot, Louise Kilborn unwittingly found herself at the center of a social debate that’s been brewing for years. The 70-year-old Lisle woman was kicked out of … Continue reading

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Booze Shoe


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1984 Wolrd Trade Center Ad



Have Spider-Man wake you up tomorrow morning

An amazing new collection of Spider-Man toys, big events, and limited edition products is coming to a store near you on March 24th. Spider-Man will call you and remind you to go to the store on 3/24! You won’t want … Continue reading

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Who Owns the National Debt

Link    Larger Image

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I’m looking forward to April 13th–Friday the 13th–2029

Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day, the sort of day you trip on your shoe laces or lose your wallet or get bad news. But maybe it’s not so bad. Consider this: On April 13th–Friday the … Continue reading

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Five common exercises you should never do.

The test of time usually works. Futile fads like sweatboxes, vibrating belts, and most tips from the odd, ponytailed Tony Little have died out quickly enough. But a few bad exercises have persisted, and exercise physiologists don’t see how these … Continue reading

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Care to take a guess as to what this building is used for?

It’s used to hold prisoners.  Yup, it’s a prison in Austria. Link (Profanity warning)

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He not only has all ball, but he’s smacking the backboard at the same time. Impressive, most impressive.

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Skin

Globally, dead skin accounts for about a billion tons of dust in the atmosphere. Your skin sheds 50,000 cells every minute.  The Cleveland Public Library, Harvard Law School, and Brown University all have books clad in skin stripped from executed … Continue reading

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Apple warns iPod users against Vista

Apple, the long-standing rival of Bill Gates’s Microsoft, is urging users not to upgrade their PCs to the Vista system until it comes up with a compatible version of the software that runs iPods. Microsoft launched its long-awaited Vista operating … Continue reading

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How to properly place new employees

1. Put 400 bricks in a closed room. 2. Put your new hires in the room and close the door. 3. Leave them alone and come back after 6 hours. 4. Then analyze the situation:

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