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The 100 Oldest Currently Registered .COM Domains

#1 is SYMBOLICS.COM – who wouldathunk? Link

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A fox hunts for mice in the snow using his hearing

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Trip Down Memory Lane

When I was KidGeeding there was this cartoon I couldn’t get enought of, I called it G-Force even though I don’t think that is the actual name.  I remember one time Mom and I were traving back from Fort Worth … Continue reading


Moms’ 6 biggest sleep mistakes, and how to fix them

As a mom, some of the very things you do in the name of good parenting can compromise your sleep. Here are some common mistakes moms make, and how to fix them so you can sleep like a baby, or, … Continue reading

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7″ Sun Visor TV/DVD Player w/FM Transmitter

Buy one here for $299

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Interesting School Mascots

The Pretzels of New Berlin Jr/Sr High School – New Berlin, Illinois The Spuds of Moorehead High School – Moorhead MN The John Marshall Justices of John Marshall High School – Richmond, Virginia and the John Marshall Barristers of John … Continue reading

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I Fly To Vietnam In Two Weeks

I wonder if the flight crew will look anything like this:


Hanging Fishbowl

Only $19.99 A fish has never had so much faith in a nail.

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Fox Attacks Obama

I post, you decide.

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It’s A Baby Sloth

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Chicken Scented Bubble Fun

Put into production after a series of TV documentaries established that dogs have an uncanny love of bubbles, the Gazillion Fetch a Bubble Machine is set to be the most sought after dog-toy of the decade. It’ll keep your dog … Continue reading

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Do You Love Nacho Cheese?

If so, I’ve found a blog for you. www.ILoveNachoCheese.com

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