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Mmmmmmmmm IHOP

As we walked into our local IHOP for National Pancake Day one of the waitresses yelled from across the way, “You cut your hair!” The picture on the left is from my passport, the picture on the right is the … Continue reading

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Cultured Containers has developed the BananaBunker® to protect this delicate fruit from bruising when placed in your backpack, nap sack, soft carrying case, or briefcase. The container also protects your backpack’s valuable contents, such as CD players, textbooks, binders, and … Continue reading


A Touch Of Class If You Ask Me

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Craig Ferguson decided not to poke fun at Britney Spears for at least one night. The host of CBS’ “The Late Late Show” told viewers Monday that after seeing photos of the 25-year-old pop star’s shaved … Continue reading

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Month Spelling Difficulties Rankings

I’m sure all the advid readers of BON know I am a horrible speller, as evident by all my typos and mispellings. Well, today I visited a friend’s blog and saw this graphic. It got me to thinking about the … Continue reading


Little Girls and Their Dogs

Too bad there isn’t a bull dog anywhere in here. 😉

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You Need Uncle Sam Deodorant

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DEA Agent Who Shot Self In Foot Sues U.S.

Seeks damages for distribution of humiliating gun accident video. Here’s the video in case you have never seen it:

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Hooters Energy Drink

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Hooters says it has figured out yet another way to “make you happy.” The restaurant chain, known for its chicken wings and burgers served by scantily clad waitresses, is gearing up to launch its own “Hooters … Continue reading

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Interesting Church Website

The First Evangelical Church of Plano’s website hurts my eyes. Link

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“Eye of Sauron”



Lord Help Us When Billy Graham Dies

Among the 11 religious leaders evaluated by adults, about eight out of every ten adults was aware of Mr. Graham, making him and Pat Robertson the only religious figures that were known to at least half of the population. With … Continue reading

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