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Video Game Characters Dance To Thriller

That 13 Going On 30 movie sure did start a trend. Someone put their 3D modeling skills to use by making this Michael Jackson Thriller recreation. Mario, Master Chief, Lara Croft, and other gaming mascots all dance in unison to … Continue reading

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Greatest Movie Speeches of All Time

Stuff Magazine brings you their version of the greatest movies speeches of all time complete with YouTube clips of each speech.  I think there are a total of eleven. Watch them here. My two personal favorites are from Caddyshack and … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

A collection of Geeding this and than . . .

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This is the 4,435th BON post

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body before politics. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body since politics. Pic1  Pic2  Pic3 Eastwood isn’t doing that well either.  Pic


For the Batman fans

A collection of random Batman facts. Rate each fact to view an additional fact. Link

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Legal/Illegal Interview Questions

Did you know it is illegal to be asked the following in a job interview? Is it Miss, Mrs, or Ms? Where were you born? More here.

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Barrow, Alaska?

Very interesting Google Maps image. Link

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Are Your Headphone Wires Always Tangled?

Try this . . .

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Top Ten Unmanliest Superheroes

I was surprised to see Batman on this list, but he makes a good point regarding the untility belt: For starters, he has to use all those gadgets and gizmos to get anything done, and while some may hail his … Continue reading


I gave a homeless kid a camera

A few years ago, I gave a camera and some film to a homeless kid I had befriended while visiting some family in San Luis Obispo CA. He had been thrown out of his parents house for drugs a month … Continue reading

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Governor Good Hair and Son

There is a news article in the Dallas Morning News that has a picture of Governor Good Hair’s son. My first thought about him was the terrible parent Governor Good Hair must be – how could he let his son’s … Continue reading

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Straight from Bollywood: Superman and Spiderwoman

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