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God Hates Gay Bands

One of the most dangerous ways homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents should keep careful watch over their children’s listening habits, especially in this Internet Age of MP3 piracy. Link Two items of interest: – Elton John … Continue reading


For the Mythbusters fans

Link And yes, this show is on my Tivo Season Pass.

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Passion Can Conquer An Iron Lung For This Lawyer

Paul Alexander contracted polio about the same time Dr. Jonas Salk tested the vaccine.  At age six he was placed in an iron lung. His first and best accomplishment is learning to breath. Despite all this, he finished second in … Continue reading


I can’t believe this was happening . . .

A long rant/vent about a mishap with the travel agency that booked our Vietnam trip.  Urgghhh! 


Lookin’ Good For Jesus

Buy one here. It would have been the perfect kit for all the girls that were ‘dating Jesus’ at my college.


Ecto 1 For Sale

Only $149,998

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What American City Are You?

Find out here. My result, and I can totally see myself moving there one day:

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Very Creative Movie Poster


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1984 pontiac Trans Am KNIGHT RIDER replica

It took the guy over four years and fourty thousand dollars, now he’s selling it on eBay. View the auction here. But does the ‘turbo boost’ really work?

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Disposal of Surplus Sodium, 1947

Since the War Assets Administration couldn’t find anyone to take it, they dumped it into Lake Lenore in Washington State.  Once it gets wet, there’s a chemical reaction. [googlevideo]3825610222960975525&hl[/googlevideo]

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If you are a fan of deformed kitties

Then I have found a site for you: Feline Medical Curiosities I would post a pic, but some of you may be eating breakfast.

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Sinatra and Elvis Duet

Apparently it happened – Love Me Tender. [youtube]wfwFQVMXovg&eur[/youtube]

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