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What’s Up With Christian Radio?

Here’s an article from ChristianityToday.com about Christian radio.  Its a four part series about its history and growth, and if it needs fixing. You can read it here. This article reminds me of the time I went to lunch with … Continue reading

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Yup, I’m a sell-out

You may have noticed there is advertising on the sidebar and at the bottom of the page.  I have no idea what is next to come.  


Microsoft Photo Info tool

Microsoft Photo Info is a new software add-in for Microsoft Windows that allows photographers to add, change and delete common “metadata” properties for digital photographs from inside Windows Explorer. It also provides enhanced “hover tips” and additional sort properties for … Continue reading

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Nike Water Cat

Not only are they light and easily collapsible to fit in a backpack, but they come with some kind of sticky non-slip rubber. Link


My family in Vietnam is looking forward to our visit

When I emailed my family in Vietnam that we were going to visit them, they sent a very touching reply, so I thought I would share.  It is a little hard to read since they don’t speak English and use a … Continue reading


Cardboard cop car gets results


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Cats Listening to Music

More cats listening to music here.

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Rare sight of ancient shark

Jan. 24 – A shark with the ugly proportions of the pre-historic era has surfaced near Japan offering a rare view of this denizen of the deep. The “Frilled Shark” is hardly ever seen because its habit is 600 metres … Continue reading


Moon Over Beach

For a larger version and a brief explanation of the photograph, click here.

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A Little Too Attached To Mom

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Introducing the HyperBike

The operator of a Hyperbike uses a total-body climbing, swim-like motion to propel the Hyperbike, while balancing as if on a unicycle. The driver twists his torso, contracts the stomach and back muscles, and alternately extends the arms up and … Continue reading

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View of Aurora from the International Space Station

Watch the video here.

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