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Tiddy Bear

Yes, it’s a real product. Link Infomercial

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Need a little love in your life?

Try this, it might help.  

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Pumping Gas

This lady has a hard time pumping gas. This lady starts a small fire with static electricity when pumping gas, just fast forward to the 58 second mark (Language Warning – the title has a curse word).    

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Unmarried couples who live together are committing a sex crime in North Dakota

BISMARCK, North Dakota (AP) — In North Dakota, a man and woman who live together without being married are committing a sex crime. It’s right there in the law, a state senator says, alongside the prohibitions against adultery, incest and … Continue reading

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WifeGeeding and I drank the 24 Kool-Aid

Since everyone keeps telling me how great the TV show 24 is, I had to find out for myself and rented the first season on DVD on Saturday hoping to finish viewing all episodes in about two days.  However, IneptGeeding … Continue reading


A Mark Cuban Rant

Why I Don’t Wear a Suit and Can’t Figure Out Why Anyone Does!

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Jeep® Waterfall

From Detroit to Beijing, the Jeep Waterfall has mesmerized auto showgoers from across the globe. YouTube At least watch the first 10 seconds.

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Jack Black stars in 1982 Pit Fall commercial

Watch it here.

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Fun With Fruit

Saxton Freymann is a New York artist who creates emotional animals completely out of produce. His art career began in painting, until 1997 when he paired up with publisher Joost Elfers. Freymann supplied Joost’s need for “someone who could carve … Continue reading



The AquaClimb is a unique aquatic activity that blends fun with fitness, self expression and every child’s inner desire to climb. The AquaClimb provides community and residential pools with a multi purpose, fun feature that attracts kids of all ages … Continue reading

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“The Greatest Definitive Sure-Fire Top Greatest TV Shows From The 80s.”

Complete with YouTube clips of each show’s introduction. Link

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A 22-year-old woman sought medical care for a lesion in the plantar region of her left foot, a well-formed nipple surrounded by areola and hair. Microscopic examination of the dermis showed hair follicles, eccrine glands, and sebaceous glands. Fat tissue … Continue reading

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