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Dr. James Dobson Doesn’t Like John McCain for President

Dr. Johnson: “Dr. Dobson, would you be comfortable with someone like John McCain as the…conservative or republican candidate for President?” Dr. Dobson: “Well, let me say that I am not in the office. I’m in the little condo so I … Continue reading


Chad Vader – Grocery Store Manager

These videos crack me up; well, the first three did. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5  

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Price Protecr

Ever buy stuff from stores that offer a 30 day price protection guarantee? If they lower their price within 30 days of when you purchased it, they’ll refund you the difference. Sounds great… except how often do you remember to … Continue reading

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It’s a small world after all

An ant carries a one millimetre square microchip in its mandibles, illustrating the work that is being done in nanotechnology.  Link

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Russian Man Grows Penis on Arm

Russian doctors have conducted an 11-hour operation to replace a patient’s deformed penis with one grown on his forearm, the Moskovskiy Komsomolets daily reports.The 30-year-old Russian man, whose name was changed in the article to protect his privacy, had a … Continue reading


Don’t we all want to do this?



The Ape and the Child study

Suppose an anthropoid were taken into a typical human family at the day of birth and reared as a child. Suppose he were fed upon a bottle, clothed, washed, bathed, fondled, and given a characteristically human environment; that he were … Continue reading

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Surf Your Way to Fitness

Seen a surfer’s body lately? They got those great muscles by using their calves, thighs and upper body to maintain balance while surfing. uSurfâ„¢ is designed to simulate the motions of surfing, and to shape and tone targeted muscle groups. … Continue reading

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Lensbaby 3G

Want a fun little lens that will add a creative spark to your repertoire? We’d like to introduce you to Lensbabiesâ„¢ selective focus SLR camera lenses. Lensbabies bring one area of your photo into sharp focus, with that “sweet spot” … Continue reading

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What happens if you microwave a light bulb?

Find out here.

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Jedi Mickey


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If you are a dog lover

This video should crack a smile on your face. And this video will show you the patience of a dog.

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