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Me and My Hair

At one time in my life I actually had ‘normal’ hair. When one of my friends died, I decided to honor him by cutting my hair like his for a year.  He would only use clippers with a short blade.  … Continue reading


It Took Me About 5 Times To Solve This Thing

Try it out here.


BON Christmas Card Experiment Conclusion – Conclusion

Turns out I was a day premature posting my BON Christmas card experiment conclusion. When I arrive home I find a package address to Keith “BON” Geeding.  Automatically I’m thinking, “I just made a post yesterday stating how thankful I was that … Continue reading


That’s one way to pick up the ladies


Male Restroom Etiquette

From my friend Richard: This is a must watch 10 minute video for guys. It is informative and hilarious. Girls may find humor in it I suppose. Plus it is dead on accurate.


James Brown Is Still Not Buried

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) — The body of soul singer James Brown has yet to be buried as attorneys and his children work to settle issues surrounding his estate, including where he will be laid to rest. For now, his … Continue reading

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How to search Amazon for Deals

Amazon offers tons of deals, rebates, and coupons but weaving through the endless pages has just got easier. Brand Name Coupons brings the easiest way to find the best deals on Amazon. The following links will allow you to find … Continue reading


USB Turntable

Buy one here.


O’Reilly, Colbert to trade appearances

NEW YORK – It may feel like looking into the mirror for Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbertnext week. The Fox News Channel host and Colbert, who has essentially based his comic character every evening on Comedy Central on him, will … Continue reading

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And You Thought Your Life Was Tough

Yang Huimin, a 28-year-old man from Central China’s Henan Province, had what he thought was a pimple on face when he was 4. But during the next 24 years, the small swelling grew bigger and bigger, eventually covering the entire … Continue reading


Sweet ‘N’ Sour Stamp

Move over scratch ‘n’ sniff, the coolest stamps on sale are now lick and taste. New stamps to celebrate the Chinese year of the pig not only show the animals but also taste of them. When you scratch the front … Continue reading

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Halo Rhapsody

For the fans of the video game Halo, here’s a music video of the game set to Bohemian Rhapsody.

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