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Teacher Trash

Most teachers are professionals who cherish their vocation and their students. They serve tirelessly to promote learning because they are professionals. They do not abuse the trust of parents, or students, or society. The purpose of this site is to … Continue reading

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Pants Wars

232 Star Wars Lines Improved by Substituting the Word Pants For example: I find your lack of pants disturbing. You are unwise to lower your pants. I cannot teach him. The boy has no pants.

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Bambie and Thumper

More pics of these two here.


Interested in a twin engine jet car?

View the eBay auction here.

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Balcony Grill


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Paralysed by saying I love you

A devoted mother is battling a rare medical condition that puts her into a coma every time she tells her children: ‘I love you.’ Wendy Richmond, 53, slips into a ‘waking sleep’ that leaves her almost paralysed every time she … Continue reading

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4000 Year Old Noodles

That’s one heck of a shelf life. Read about it here.

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Now That’s A Snowman

More ice pics here.

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Boy’s Body Turning to Bone

Like so many other 6-year-olds, Hayden Pheif likes to play ball with his family.  But this simple task  proves difficult for little Hayden. Due to one of nature’s most rare and catastrophic diseases, he can’t raise his arm to throw … Continue reading

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Boston Zoom

This zoomable photo of Boston is pretty cool.  It’s kinda tempting to check out what’s going on in all those windows. You can go from this . . . To this

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Senate Chamber Desks

Who knew there was so much history to them? For example, the Candy Desk Traditions associated with the Senate desks continue to evolve. A recent example is the so-called “Candy Desk.” In 1965 Senator George Murphy of California originated the … Continue reading

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Christian Cheerleaders of America

Did you ever think very much about C H E E R L E A D E R S? Probably not. Just a bunch of airheads, making a lot of noise, interrupting you while you are trying to watch the … Continue reading