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Christmas Card #12

Today in the mail was my 12th Christmas card since starting my little BagOfNothing experiment.  This card is from K’rella and Co of Oregon and comes complete with a nice little prayer that was very much appreciated.

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Vote for Your Favorite Sexy Geek

The results are in! We’ve sifted through your suggestions and reflected on our own geeky fantasies and came up with 10 of the sexiest geeks of 2006. Vote here.  

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100 things we didn’t know this time last year

From the BBC Each week the Magazine picks out snippets from the news, and compiles them into 10 Things We Didn’t Know This Time Last Week. Here’s an end of year almanac. Some Examples: 11. One in 10 Europeans is allegedly … Continue reading


Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum

Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum is the largest celebrity museum in Florida. Its glistening chandeliers, mirrored cases and theatrical lighting create a magical atmosphere.   Link


Poll Results – Worst Part of the holidays


Breakfast Cereal Personality Quiz

Take the quiz here.


Cereal Bowl Light

Cereal Bowl Light, touch the spoon and it lights up. The best thing that you will ever buy in your life. Amaze and impress all your friends with the coolest light on earth. Everyone will want a turn touching the … Continue reading


The Blasphemy Challenge

The Rational Response Squad is giving away 1001 DVDs of The God Who Wasn’t There, the hit documentary that the Los Angeles Times calls “provocative — to put it mildly.” There’s only one catch: We want your soul. It’s simple. … Continue reading

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Most Inspiring Person of the Year

This year, Beliefnet’s Most Inspiring Person award goes to the Amish of Nickel Mines, Pa. This small religious farming community, whose members do without cars and electricity, was invaded by 21st century violence when a gunman took over a one-room … Continue reading


British Christmas Cards

Only one in 100 Christmas cards sold in Britain contains any religious imagery or message, a Daily Mail survey has revealed. Traditional pictures such as angels blowing trumpets over a stable, Jesus in his manager, the shepherds and three wise … Continue reading


Army Facing Cash Crunch

— The cost of basic equipment that soldiers carry into battle — helmets, rifles, body armor — has more than tripled to $25,000 from $7,000 in 1999. — The cost of a Humvee, with all the added armor, guns, electronic … Continue reading

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Miss USA Dethroned?

NEW YORK – The organizers of the Miss USA pageant said Thursday they are evaluating the “behavioral and personal issues” of the reigning winner and will decide her future within a week. Pageant officials and Donald Trump, who co-owns the … Continue reading

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