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Jehovah’s Witnesses Gone Wild?

Here’s a YouTube video of some Jehovah’s Witnesses waking up some college kids, at least I think they are college kids.  In retaliation for waking them up, they hit the Jehovah’s Witnesses with some water ballons.  What happens?  The Jehovah’s … Continue reading

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Russian Army Mobile Church

Some interesting pictures, see them here.

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Backwash Experiments

Saliva might not be the grossest human fluid, but it is still pretty foul. One particularly undesirable brand of spit is known as “backwash”. Backwash is the term for fluid which makes its way from ones mouth back into a … Continue reading

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Prison Ministry

Loyal BON reader Rick sent me this link about a pastor staying in prison to minister. I found these snippits a bit interesting. I’ve been here about a month now.  I am fine physically and even getting in a little … Continue reading

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Body Worlds Talk

For those that are not familiar with Body Worlds, it’s a traveling ‘art’ show that features real dead humans.  They are displayed doing everyday activities, and they are preserved in plastic in which they appear dissected.  Body Worlds is currently in Dallas … Continue reading

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For the Baptists that want to learn more about Lent

The BWA and Baptist Center for Ethics are partnering to produce a free Lenten Bible study curriculum for Baptists. A sample lesson for the study, due out Jan. 22, is now available for download from EthicsDaily.com. Link 

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Hog Mountain Baptist Church No More

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. A Baptist church in Georgia thinks it can attract more members if it didn’t have “hog” in its name. So after 152 years, Hog Mountain Baptist Church in Gwinnett County is changing its name to Hamilton Mill Baptist. … Continue reading