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Left Behind

Remember those Left Behind books?  I always thought the sequel should have been called Right Behind.  Anywho, there’s a video game about the books out there, and it looks like some Christians don’t like the idea of violence in video … Continue reading

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Tempting Videos of the Day

The Top 10 Broken Arms/Legs in Sports

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A Visual Guide to Where Your Federal Tax Dollars Go

This is the official home of the “Death and Taxes” federal budget graph. Here you will find the graph itself, supporting information, forums, and lots more to help you get your head around the complex beast that is the federal … Continue reading

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The 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time

I thought this list was let down, but certainly surprised The Breakfast Club wasn’t didn’t make it. Link



Meet the man who wants to say good-bye to the word “hello.” Leo Canales wants us all to say “heaveno” instead. And now his campaign to scrap the greeting is getting world-wide support. Leo, 56, says, “I’m overwhelmed by the … Continue reading

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Bad Vibes

Horrible Sounds Mixer

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Top Television Buzzwords of 2006

‘Truthiness’ and ‘Wikiality’ named Top Television Buzzwords of 2006 Followed by ‘Katrina’, ‘Katie,’ and ‘Dr. McDreamy’ Link


Vote for the 2006 Word of the Year

We’re trying something a little different this year. Instead of reviewing millions of searches in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary to find our most frequently looked-up words, we’re asking you to submit your choice for the one single word that sums … Continue reading

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Video Game Tattoos

Click to enlarge.

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Sierra Mist Holiday Hawk

I have no idea why, but this commerical cracks me up.

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Fictional President Poll Results

Looks like Jeb Bartlett won the popular vote, but I can’t tell if he won the electorial college.

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