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Industrial Food Production

Find out more about it here.  There’s a lot of detail, and I’m too lazy to sum it all up.  However, here is a short video that goes along with the above picture.

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Interesting Blog

Babes With Books – Smart girls are hot! Nothing but pictures of attractive literate females. Book lovers! Looking for serious book discussion, book reviews, book recommendations, etc……? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Looking for oodles of pictures of … Continue reading


Holy Toast Bread Stamp

Only $4.99! In the beginning…there was bread. Ho hum. Make that boring bread an inspiration by embossing it before you toast! Our easy-to-use HOLY TOAST stamper always makes a good impression. Press the stamper into an ordinary slice of bread, … Continue reading

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North Texas Weather

Yesterday it was muggy and about 77 degrees. Today, the high is going to be 32 degrees. And this weather change will cause all the local news stations to send reporters to grocery stores and next to the highways.  But … Continue reading

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Read about it here.

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Jack in the Box

It’s actually an eBay auction, view it here.

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Hummer vs Schoolbus


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Doggie Diaper

Buy one here.

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Interesting Nativity Scene For Your Yard

I had no idea Santa was there.  At least he was respectful enough to take his hat off. Buy one here.  Oops, sorry, they’re sold out.


For the Calvin and Hobbs fans

This strip is kinda sad.

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Monster Christmas Stockings

Buy some here.

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