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Read about it here.

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Jack in the Box

It’s actually an eBay auction, view it here.

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Hummer vs Schoolbus


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Doggie Diaper

Buy one here.

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Interesting Nativity Scene For Your Yard

I had no idea Santa was there.  At least he was respectful enough to take his hat off. Buy one here.  Oops, sorry, they’re sold out.


For the Calvin and Hobbs fans

This strip is kinda sad.

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Monster Christmas Stockings

Buy some here.

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1955 NV A-bomb tests as seen from dowtown LA

“Photo shows another version of how the atomic bomb blast in Nevada looked over Los Angeles from the roof of the Statler Hotel. Note the sharpness of City Hall (right background), the Richfield Building (right foreground) and other buildings in … Continue reading

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Have a question about the Bible?

We all have questions about the Bible from time-to-time that we’d like to ask an expert. There are people at the Bible Resource Center who can help. Fill out the brief form below. Be as specific as possible in your … Continue reading

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For The Dallas Folks Out There

It appears that Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle and CBS 11 news anchor (and Baylor alum) Sarah Dodd are about to tie the knot.  Well, it’s only an assumption since I haven’t heard anything official, but they are registered for … Continue reading


Can you find the soldier?