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Sugar Bush Squirrel

The World’s Most Photographed Squirrel. Link   


New Restaurant Down The Street

I guess it’s the answer for the couple that can’t decide Mexican or Chinese food.


Evan Almighty

In the sequel to ‘Bruce Almighty,’ God charges Steve Carell’s Evan with building a giant ark — just in case of a devastating flood. Forecast: hilarity with a chance of peeing your pants. Watch the preview here.


Happy Holidays From Billy Idol

It’s a nice day for a . . . White Christmas?  Buy it here. Check out his MySpace here.


Jesus statue outside St. Ephrem’s Church in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn


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New Music From U2

U2’s new song is called ‘Window In the Skies’ and you can listen to it here. If you would like to read the lyrics and chord transcription, click here.  The lyrics are strong to very strong. In other Bono news, … Continue reading


Oh Canada

I paid cash for my breakfast this morning and received some change that was burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to buy some Peanut M&M’s. Every time I put a quarter in the vending machine, it was being … Continue reading


‘Happy Holidays’ no more at Wal-Mart

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Wal-Mart has told its employees that it’s OK to once again greet shoppers by saying “Merry Christmas” this holiday season instead of the generic “Happy Holidays.” CNN confirmed that Wal-Mart will announce Thursday that it plans … Continue reading

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I had no idea he had Leukemia

(CBS) Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley died of leukemia this morning. He joined the staff of the venerable news magazine 26 years ago. Link I would have thought Andy Rooney would have been the first to go, then Morley Safer, … Continue reading


Eating Crow

I’m sure you are wondering if this section is simply an elaborate practical joke to anyone visiting the page. On the contrary, we have received a great many requests asking for further information about the culinary delights to be experienced … Continue reading

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Ever seen a celebrity wear something you really liked and wanted to know where you can buy that something? Check out Like.com.  It allows you to search for a likeness of a particular item a celebrity has worn. UPDATED:  Originally … Continue reading

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US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud

The bigger the word, the more often it was used.  Use the slidebar at the top to select different speeches. Link

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