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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CNN) — The Rev. Ted Haggard, who resigned as one of the nation’s top evangelical leaders, admitted Friday he had contacted male prostitute Mike Jones “for a massage” and bought drugs from him. Haggard said he never … Continue reading


I wonder if wifeGeeding would be willing to give me one of these for Christmas?

It would go perfect with dogGeeding, who is actually named ‘Tuna’ after Parcells. Link


Will It Blend?

Welcome to WillItBlend.com, the official home of the “Will It Blend?” video series. The videos are divided into two sections, “Try This At Home” and “Don’t Try This At Home”. Link Here’s a McDonald’s meal about to be blended.


Souvenirs Photography

A collection of photos of monuments, but a souvenir in place of the monument. More photos here.

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The Hot Fudge Sundae Diet

For the last two weeks I’ve average eating at least one hot fudge sundae a day, it’s my current addiction.  You would think I would have gained some weight, but I actually lost six pounds. Watch out Jared, here I … Continue reading

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Traditional and modern gifts for wedding anniversaries

See the whole list here.   Traditional Modern 1st Paper Clocks 2nd Cotton China 3rd Leather Crystal, Glass 4th Linen (Silk) Appliances 5th Wood Silverware            


Instant FM

Ever listen to the radio and wonder what the name of the song is?  Who is the artist?  What year was it released?  Instant FM Music helps you answer all of those questions!  Just plug Instant FM Music into your … Continue reading

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Auto-Measure Spice Carousel

– (8) spice bottles on a rotating base – free standing or under-cabinet mounted stackable – bottles dispense ¼ teaspoon at a time, no need for measuring spoons Buy it here.

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A Nail’s Life

Photos of nails as people. More here.

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Comedian In Chief

John Kerry obviously isn’t fit to be president because he’s not very good at political humor unlike George W.  This is how you tell political jokes.  

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Hot New Job – Fake Priest

“Being a fake priest is big business in Japan – I’ve done a TV commercial for one company,” he added. “In Sapporo, there are five agencies employing about 20 fake priests. In a city like Tokyo, there must be hundreds.” … Continue reading

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