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Big Football Weekend is Coming

Texas – Oklahoma and Cowboys – Eagles. Speaking of Cowboys and Eagles and TO coming back to Philly, here is The Eagles Fan’s Guide To Projectile Weaponry.


Make Optimus Prime Speak

Here is a pretty nifty contest for all the Transformers fans. At the Transformers movie website, you can enter for a chance to have yourlone of dialogue spoken by Optimus Prime in the upcoming movie. Click here and then the … Continue reading

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I will never understand why anyone would want to go to Texas A&M


There’s still good in this world

CLEMSON, S.C. — Nearly $50,000 has been raised so far to help Clemson freshman Ray Ray McElrathbey raise his 11-year-old brother, Fahmarr, with contributions from across the country, including an NBA player and REM’s manager. Jenny Sullivan of First Citizen’s … Continue reading

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The Jimi

I have a friend named Jimi.  He is named after Jimi Hendrix, which is why his name is spelled with the “i” at the end.  Anywho, I found a website called: http://www.thejimi.com/. Here’s a short description of the website: Welcome … Continue reading

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This and That and Lotto Poll Results

Some of you were wondering why your comments are not showing up.  It’s probably because I have a spam filter.  When you own a website and allow comments, sometimes you get a lot of spam postings from people trying to plug websites.  This … Continue reading


One day, the tables will be turned

View more Puppy vs Lion Cub pics here.

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Use SensorfreshQâ„¢

Fresh or spoiled?  SensorfreshQ automatically confirms the safety of meat or poultry. Buy one here.

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The PetPeek

Every dog should have a point of view.   Buy one here.


Something you may not know abut me

I HATE wind chimes! Right now, for some ungodly known reason, someone is walking around the office with windchimes and it’s driving me batty!  It’s my kryptonite.  If I were Seinfeld, wind chimes would be my Newman. I would much rather … Continue reading


For the art lover

Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure

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For the person that has everything

A remote control farting teddy bear. Link

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