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Six Flags offers line-skipping pass to roach-eaters

Some people will do anything for money. But what would you do for a free pass on a roller coaster ride? If you’re willing to eat a giant creepy, crawling cockroach, Six Flags Great America has a deal for you. … Continue reading

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Flora Bush – The Third Bush Twin

Flora Bush, the third Bush ‘twin,’ is the daughter the President doesn’t want anyone to know about. In her own words: On November 25th, 1981, George W. Bush became the loving father of twins. Unfortunately, Mom gave birth to triplets. … Continue reading

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White and Nerdy

This Weird Al video cracks me up. It’s a take off the song Ridin’ Dirty.


MomGeeding Update

I’m extremely thankful for all the email I have received concerning MomGeeding.  Read on for an update if you are interested.

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Fantasy Football Standings

I’m stinking it up! My team is Tuna’s Kids, and definately needs some improvement.  And I don’t know who CowboysHomer is, but he sure did show up to play.  

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TV Poll Results

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Texas gubernatorial election, 2006 random thought

So far all the commercials for the Texas gubernatorial election have been fairly positive regarding each candidate.  I can’t recall seeing any real dirt being thrown.  It appears Governor Good Hair, One Tough Grandma, Kinky Friedman, and Chris Bell know how to … Continue reading

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Stormtrooper Armour

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“Where Have I Seen That Guy?”

If you’ve ever seen a movie and asked yourself “Where have I seen that guy?” then this is the game for you. BTW It’s pretty darn hard. Link



The fun, simple and safer way to turn ordinary hotdogs into exciting to cook and super fun to eat . . . Octodogs! Buy the product here.


Need a lamp?

  Buy one here.

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Teen graduates from University of Virginia in one year with a double major

David Banh, an 18-year-old from Annandale, just graduated from the University of Virginia in one year. With a double major. His college education, almost entirely covered by a patchwork of scholarships, cost him about $200. And he sold back textbooks … Continue reading

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