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Finger Forks

No more sticky fingers! Feel like Edward Scissorhands as you stab at your party food delights. These stainless steel finger forks are ideal for buffets and parties. Good fun and great to use! Link

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Red Bull Headquarters

They have slides.  See pictures here.

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If you like to do the twist . . .

click here and have your sound on.

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OldStuperstitions.com is the largest list of superstitions on the web. Here’s one I found interesting: Never carry a hoe into the house.  If you do so by mistake, carry it out again, walking backward to avoid bad luck.

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I’m still holding out for the shoe-phone

Link Thanks, Doug!

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Improve your bomb detection skills


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Armadillos making northern march

More road-kill for everyone. Article  

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Search Google & Yahoo at the same time


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Angry Angry Teacher

Don’t answer your cell phone in his class. Video (probably staged)


Flying first class on United Arab Emirates

‘In-Flight Luxury cubicles’ Watch the video here.

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You know your house is small when


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Woman dies in marshmallow eating-and-talking contest

A 32-year-old woman who collapsed after a marshmallow eating-and-talking contest at the Western Fair this week has died in a London hospital, a spokesperson said yesterday. The woman was identified as Janet Rudd of 68 Grand Ave. by two sources … Continue reading