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Sexual Revolution at Church

So I’m taking my usual route home to GeedingManor and I look over at the mega-church named Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX.  This is what I saw: See that area I got circled, that HUGE sign?  I know you can’t read … Continue reading


Create Your Own Radio Station With Pandora

I’m addicted, and I have BON reader Doug and his lab to thank for this. Pandora.com is a place where you basically create your own radio station via Internet streaming, here’s how: You type in an artist that you like, … Continue reading


BagOfNothing.com and The Chicago Sun-Times

BON reader Caryn was kind enough to let me know that my little website has been mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times.  It’s really only a blurb, not a featured piece or anything, but I was surprised that I could get mentioned … Continue reading


For Christians who need to know what to boycott

Pro-Jesus.com exists to inform bible-believing Christians about boycotts against companies that promote ideas and agendas that are destructive to the family, freedom, and religious independence.

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National Surveillance Agency Telephone & Terrorism

Look up a name and see if that person has any terrorist-related phone calls or emails. Link I first started off with a search on wifeGeeding.  Good news, she’s in the clear.  After that I proceeded to look up my … Continue reading


This headline caught my attention

Fagg’s offseason work showed during opener


VW Bug Camper



The Best Time to Buy Everything

For example:  Airplane Tickets When to buy: On a Wednesday, 21 days (or a couple of days earlier) before your flight. Why: Airlines make major pricing changes (and run fare sales) every week, typically on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings. … Continue reading

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Hands Free Umbrella

This ingenious umbrella features an adjustable rest that grips around your shoulder so you can use both hands while heading off spring showers! Makes it simple to open doors, carry groceries, walk dogs, and do all other tasks that seem … Continue reading


For Sale By Owner – The Ultimate Secure Home

Strategically located in the awesome San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado, this patented steel-reinforced concrete earth home was built to withstand almost any natural or man-made disaster you can name. It is more secure, safe, and functional than any conventional … Continue reading

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The Luther Burger

The Luther Burger is a bacon cheeseburger served on a Krispy Kreme bun. Link

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Bridal Cake Fighting Competition

More pics here.

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