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Sexual Revolution at Church

So I’m taking my usual route home to GeedingManor and I look over at the mega-church named Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX.  This is what I saw: See that area I got circled, that HUGE sign?  I know you can’t read … Continue reading


Create Your Own Radio Station With Pandora

I’m addicted, and I have BON reader Doug and his lab to thank for this. Pandora.com is a place where you basically create your own radio station via Internet streaming, here’s how: You type in an artist that you like, … Continue reading


BagOfNothing.com and The Chicago Sun-Times

BON reader Caryn was kind enough to let me know that my little website has been mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times.  It’s really only a blurb, not a featured piece or anything, but I was surprised that I could get mentioned … Continue reading


For Christians who need to know what to boycott

Pro-Jesus.com exists to inform bible-believing Christians about boycotts against companies that promote ideas and agendas that are destructive to the family, freedom, and religious independence.

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National Surveillance Agency Telephone & Terrorism

Look up a name and see if that person has any terrorist-related phone calls or emails. Link I first started off with a search on wifeGeeding.  Good news, she’s in the clear.  After that I proceeded to look up my … Continue reading


This headline caught my attention

Fagg’s offseason work showed during opener


VW Bug Camper



The Best Time to Buy Everything

For example:  Airplane Tickets When to buy: On a Wednesday, 21 days (or a couple of days earlier) before your flight. Why: Airlines make major pricing changes (and run fare sales) every week, typically on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings. … Continue reading

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