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Faith Fitness Coaching

“As a faith coach, Ron helps you identify the old habits and fears that keep you in the shallow end of the pool, while guiding you step-by-step into the deep end. He assumes you want more than a C+ rating … Continue reading

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Cassette Generator

Make your own virtual cassette here.

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Baby Toupees

More pictures here.

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Top Eleven Best Comic Arch-Nemeses

Megatron comes in at number 3. See the whole list here.

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Stolen Cellphone Pictures

This is interesting: My cell phone was stolen last Friday. I had it disconnected and arranged to get a replacement. It had been set up with the excellent service from ShoZu to automatically upload all pictures taken with the phone … Continue reading

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Texan Foils Burglary In Britain Via Beatles Webcam

LONDON, Aug 25 – An American helped foil a burglary in northern England whilst watching a Beatles-related webcam over the Internet, police said on Friday. The man from Dallas was using a live camera link to look at Mathew Street, … Continue reading

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When cloning goes wrong

See the photoshoped pics here.


Biker hit by car and land on his feet

Smooth (yet lucky) skils can be seen here.


Bear robot to the rescue

This robot has been designed to find, pick up and rescue wounded soldiers in dangerous areas.  Read about it here.

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Crazy Russian Subway Pics

More here.


Toilet Themed Refilling Dog Bowl

Buy one here.

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I had no idea what a Cow Magnet was

until now. Buy one here.

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