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Whale of a time

What do you do when a whale washes ashore? You blow it up with dynomite. Watch the video here. The explosion occurs around the 1:55 mark. Below is a small story about the blast. 

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Toilet mad out of stone

Only $2850! Buy one here.

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Pug dogs dressed as famous people

More pictures here.


John Cusack in the Rain

His contract must stipulate that there be a rain scene. Watch the video here.

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UsedFAQ’s – A Random Roundup of Frequently Asked Questions. This site is higly addictive. For instance, I learned the answers to the following questions: What is the meaning of the song Daniel? Can I Breastfeed My Adopted Baby?

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Jeremy Piven vs Billy Bush

I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t stand Billy Bush. Video

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I wouldn’t want to lose my job this way

RadioShack slashes 403 jobs via e-mail FORT WORTH — About 400 RadioShack Corp. headquarters employees received an e-mail this morning notifying them that they had been let go, effective today, as new Chairman and Chief Executive Julian Day seeks to … Continue reading

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Turn off the mic when you go to the bathroom

There was this great scene in The Naked Gun that had Lt Frank Drebbing giving a speech and then heading to the restroom with the mic still on, the crowd hearing every little thing, and nothing but hilarity ensues. Well, turns … Continue reading


Recent Email

Dear Baggy – I haven’t seen the LittlePastor make a comment on BON in a while, and I think I put it all together …  Is he Terry Hornbuckle by chance? Thanks, Jessie Dear Jessie – I have to admit … Continue reading


Bomar enrolls at Sam Houston State

This story reminds me of an old joke my dad use to like to tell.  Something about students that attend the Sam Houstin Institute of Technology, the ol’ S.H.I.T.  Of course that place doesn’t exist, but it gives me a … Continue reading

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Collector’s Guide to Hot Wheels Errors

Anything that can be produced can be produced wrong, and in most collecting hobbies involving manufacturing on a large scale, production errors are a specialty. Hot Wheels collecting is no exception. Collectors looking for something to make their collection unique … Continue reading

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Pick a random number

Well, between 1 and 100. Link

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