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Woman Crashes Car While Teaching Dog to Drive

This story reminds me of Toonces from SNL.

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A website with a bunch of instuctional videos of all sorts of stuff. Link For instance: Tie a tie. Replace an electrical outlet. Throw a curve ball. French Braid. Juggle. Short-sheet a bed.

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Ruined Music

But perhaps the worst thing about the breakup is the fact that music gets caught in the fallout. Everyone has a song, album, artist, or band that’s been ruined by an ex (or, more accurately, by memories of an ex). … Continue reading

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Extreme Pogo Sticking

Cool or nuts, you decide. Watch the video here.

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Emmys 2006 – Opening Number

If you didn’t catch Conan’s six minute opening act, here you go.

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Poll Results: BON Advertising

Well, of my dedicated viewers that actually took time to vote, a third of you call for no advertising.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I may just advertise for a month as an experiment and go from … Continue reading

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121 T-Shirts

That’s a lot of shirts to wear, and to think that the picture below is only 119. Link

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Learn to Dance with Napoleon Dynamite

It’s a bit dated, but still fun. Link

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AAA Fuel Cost Calculator

Yeah, I know, I should have provided this at the beginning of summer – not the end of it. Link

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Top 100 Wikipedia Articles by Page Views

Warning, there are a lot of perverts out there.  No pictures, just titles and links. Link

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Now that’s an RV



Nukuoro Atoll

Located just north of the equator (3.85° North, 154.9° East), this classically shaped atoll is part of the Caroline Islands, which stretch northeast of Papua New Guinea in the western Pacific. Nukuoro Atoll is one of 607 islands that make … Continue reading

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