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To all the BagOfNothing visitors out there

A Million Thank You’s It’s even better with sound.


Is it Friday?

Find out here.

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A question for Bob and Dan of 1310 The Ticket

Bob and Dan of sports radio 1310 The Ticket have a little segment called ‘Gay or Not Gay.’ Wearing a pink shirt and pink tie to a football game?


The Advertising Artwork of Dr Seuss

More here.

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A bit ironic

Two founders of the cryonics movement – whose members are frozen after death – have been cremated after a freezer mishap. Article

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For the wrestling fans out there

Pro Wrestling Finishing Maneuvers Rated

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A flying dog?

Watch the video here.

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Museum Spotting

A collection of pictures of folks that jump into museum scenes. www.museumspotting.net  

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Another reason why I’m a recovering Baptist

Sunday school teacher dumped for being female


Longhorns to have 81 foot tall, 136 foot wide high-definition display



A Baylor Funny

I received an email from reader Jerry with this title: “Proof that Baylor fears black people.” with this link. Made me laugh.



Have you ever clicked on the “!” on the Yahoo! homepage? I wasn’t aware it did this, make sure to have your sound on.

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