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The Arizona Cardinals’ New Stadium

It’s definately different. And here’s a new concept.  The field sits outside and is moved inside for game day. It’s also build so a light of daylight can enter it when the retractable roof is closed, but it will also look … Continue reading


48 marathons in 47 days

Doctors told the cross-country runner his left leg might heal shorter than his right and he would never run again. They placed a titanium rod in his left leg, stretching from his left knee to his ankle, to help him … Continue reading


Kitty Bling

Dentist Puts Gold Teeth on Pet Cat Sebastian, a Persian cat with long black hair, sports gold crowns on his two large teeth, which grew sticking out from his lips in an underbite similar to a bulldog’s. Concerned that his … Continue reading

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US Government Debt

For some reason I didn’t think the government would post this thing daily. Link Currently in the red $8,483,654,083,915.88

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Movie Jigsaw Puzzles

Moving jigsaws are a very unusual and challenging type of jigsaw puzzle. Instead of a static picture, each piece is animated, like the image in a movie. You have to solve the puzzle while the image animates. Note:  It’s a … Continue reading

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Private SNAFU

A cartoon in which Private Snafu, while drunk, reveals military secrets that allow the enemy to torpedo his ship. This is one of 26 Private SNAFU (‘Situation Normal, All Fouled Up) cartoons made by the US Army Signal Corps to … Continue reading

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Stone Trek – Where no caveman has gone before

Stone Trek is an animated webtooth series that imagines what the orginal Star Trek series would have looked like on ‘The Flintstones’ television set. Link    


Dead Psychic’s Sketch Of JonBenet Killer Revisited

Who knows if this is true.  Personally, I think he didn’t do it and is a nut. DENVER — Psychic Dorothy Allison believed she knew what JonBenet’s killer looked like and provided a sketch to the Ramsey family, based on … Continue reading

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Record a Record to a CD


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Top 10 unsportsmanlike plays

Watch it here.

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How to Make Your Nose Smaller Without Plastic Surgery

“Most people tell you that you can only make your nose smaller with plastic surgery…but here’s a simple excersise to improve it. Of course, it won’t be as good as a plastic surgery but it sure does make your nose … Continue reading


Nerd Alert

Kansas teen aces ACT, SAT exams