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Overflowing Bath

“A reincarnation of the ritual of bathing, the sok overflowing bath by Kohler creates the ultimate soaking experience. Completely submerged in this ultra-deep, tranquil pool, your body is lightly buoyant and embraced by warmth. sok – immerse yourself in the … Continue reading

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Annoying Coworker

Have you ever had a coworker drive you nuts and you just wanted to tell them about it but didn’t have the guts?  Your coworker will NEVER know it came from you! Completely untraceable! Link


A collection of Twinkie cakes

More here.

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The Evolution of Desktops

Mac and PC desktops from 1984 to the present. Link

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Fart Detector

Now you can use space-age technology to provide you with early warning of gaseous atacks from friends and relatives. This technologically advanced product actually detects methane gas and issue a loud warning. Buy one here, and blame the dog. And … Continue reading

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Websites that changed the world

Bummer, BagofNothing.com didn’t even crack the list. Here’s the top five, view the rest here. eBay Wikipedia Napster youtube Blogger

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Pray 2.0

No time to pray? No problem! Click here.


First Day of School

Today wifeGeeding heads back to school to teach kindergarten.  No telling how many parents will start sobbing, as many do as they realize their kiddos are growing up. I do want to say how proud I am of wifeGeeding.  Before … Continue reading

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I just thought this was cute

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Another way to beat the heat during your commute

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