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I’m sure we all wanted to do this at some point in time

Why you shouldn’t cut in line. Video

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Emmitt Smith slated to join ‘Dancing With the Stars’ cast


Happy Birthday Edge

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Star Trek Inspirational Posters

View more here.

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Poor Dog

See more pictures of this dog here.  

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Marine Commandos Stuck in the Mud

It kinda looks like a practical joke. Watch the video here.

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Crazy Wedding Attire

While preparing for her own wedding, a dear friend stumbled upon examples of strange, odd, and unflattering wedding accessories. She kept the strangest of the lot, and I am presenting them here, along with her comments. This is one heck … Continue reading

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Bush beatboxes, Cheney DJs

It reminds me of something from Yo! MTV Raps. I don’t think it’s very good or that funny, but I’m struggling for posts today. Watch the YouTube video here.

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Google Flight Simulator

Check it out here. This is me over The White House.

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