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Total Eclipse of the Heart

If you really like this song and really like kitchen appliances, then I have the video for you.  Link I bet Bonnie Tyler never saw that version coming.  


Create your own Burger King chicken commercial

Create your video here.

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The Fresh Prince Dances to Heavy Metal

Watch it here.

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Driving-Listening Poll Results


Worker Informed of Firing Via Text Message

Not very sensitive if you ask me: LONDON (AFP) – A company has defended its decision to sack one of its staff by text message, claiming it was keeping in touch with youth culture. Article

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Sense of Humor Test

To see if you have a sense of humor, click here.  


9 Months of Gestation in 20 Seconds

Watch the video here.


Crust Cutter

Buy one here.

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A sickly hen has stunned its owners by laying one of the world’s largest eggs. Pet chicken Gerties huge egg weighed seven ounces and measured ten inches around its long axis, just two short of the world record. The freak … Continue reading

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Yup, it’s hot outside


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Have Samuel L. Jackson Call Someone

Send a FREE personalized talking SNAKES ON A PLANE MESSAGE in the voice of SAMUEL L. JACKSON to someone you know. Link


It didn’t translate well

Caption: Muslim protesters march toward the U.S. Embassy during an anti-Israel rally in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sunday, Aug. 6, 2006. Thousands of protesters demonstrated Sunday in at least four Indonesian cities against Israel’s attacks on Lebanon, calling Israel a terrorist state … Continue reading

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