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NFL Refs Get New Uniforms

Now if they can only get some glasses. Article.

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Court refuses man’s 4,000 pennies

I’m sure my favorite Wise County Attorney would get a kick out of this: A man who wants to pay “every penny” of his fine for careless driving in one penny pieces has been banned from paying the £40 instalments … Continue reading

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Nice Lightning Pic

Taken in downtown Toronto. Link  

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Fire and Water

Buy one here.


The Hic-Cup

A completely new scientific innovation that instantly and reliably relieves your problem hiccups. Buy one here.

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There’s at least one thing this dog won’t sniff

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The end is near . . .

It’s snowing in Africa. Isn’t there a Christmas song about this?

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Twin Towers Memorial Made out of Gold and Diamonds

Classy, just classy.  To mark the 100th anniversary of the JA New York Show and to commemorate the tragedy befallen New York City on September 11, 2001, jewelry designer Nayna Mehta created what she calls Twin Towers. Twin Towers has … Continue reading

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Check Norris Karate Jeans

Chuch Norris Karate Jeans are designed for Active People.  They are trim and Stylish while featuring hidden gussel and Stretch Denim fabric so they won’t rip out.    Click pic to enlarge.

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Double Amputee Marine Mugged Outside Restaurant

BUFFALO, N.Y. — An Iraq war veteran who lost an arm and leg in a roadside bombing was mugged during a night out from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, according to an Associated Press report. Article


Tempting Picture of the Day

When all other pimple popping methods have failed, try this.

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