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Where Are You Poll Results

I found the results interesting. Of the folks that voted, half of you live outside of Texas.  I would have thunk that the majority of folks were from Texas.


Write like the ESPN Page 2’s Bill Simmons

Call it Sports Guy Mad Libs.  Also, it’s kinda lengthy and you have to allow pop-ups for it to work. Try it out here.

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Flirting in Traffic

This reeks of desperation The highway has become the next stop on the Internet dating scene. A free Web site, Flirtingintraffic.com, debuted six months ago as a way to link people who catch each other’s eye while passing by. Angela … Continue reading

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Muslim Fun Day Cancelled

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s biggest theme park has called off the country’s first “National Muslim Fun Day” because of lack of interest, the park said Wednesday. Link

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I was not aware . . .

That the current White House Press Room is built over the Franklin Roosevelt’s swimming pool, which is still there. Link

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Dancing On Treadmills

Watch the video here.

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Football Season Is Near

Jessica Biel is ready, are you? Football Dates of Notice: Saturday Aug 5 – 2:00 PM Central Hall of Fame Enshrinement Tuesday Aug 22 Madden 2007 Available In Stores Thursday Sept 7 – 9:30 PM Central NFL Season Kicksoff And … Continue reading


I wonder how long this process took

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SquidSoap – Training Tomorrow’s Great Hand Washers

SquidSoap works by applying a small ink mark on a person’s hand when they press the pump to dispense the soap. The ink is designed to wash off after the hands are washed for about15-20 seconds, which is the time … Continue reading

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Work Friendly

Type in a URL and and get a browser that looks like Microsoft Word.  In other words, a boss friendly browser. http://www.workfriendly.net/

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Bacon Wallet

Buy one here. I bet this person has this wallet.


Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31:10-31) Perfume

Virtuous Woman (VW) is an exciting new perfume that provides women with a fragrance experience that engages body, mind, and spirit. VW fragrance is designed to promote and express spirituality. The fragrance wearer is honored for exemplifying the image of … Continue reading

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