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Men of Mortuaries Calendar

“The 2007 Men of Mortuaries Calendar is scheduled to be available in October of 2006.” “Monies raised from the calendar will directly benefit KAAM foundation dedicated to the caring and assistance of people who are going through treatment of breast … Continue reading


Mel Gibson In Counseling

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Extreme Ironing

Welcome to the home of extreme ironing – the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.

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A remote-controlled car jumps over a house

Watch the video here.

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Remote Controlled Automatic Crib Rocker

The Lullabub will gently create motion automatically in a harmonic rhythm to naturally soothe and settle babies to sleep. Four Relaxing motion’s Simulating – mothers womb – mother’s heartbeat – drive in the car – boat on the water Designed … Continue reading

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MTV 25 Years Old Yesterday

This is how it all started. Ahh, Martha Quinn memories.

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Airhockey Over a Distance

The table plays like your average air hockey match, except the opponent’s half is in another location, and replacing your ferocious counterpart is a screen with a live video feed of him / her and a fancy puck-ejecting system. Link

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Make your DNA Art

DNA 11 creates abstract art from a sample of your DNA. Each custom piece is as original as you are. Link

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Woman born with lobster hands and feet

Watch the video here.

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